About Mac

Growing up on a small farm in Orange County, North Carolina during the 1940’s & 50’s inspired my interest in animals, plants and life in general.  Farm life in my early years was a balance of chores; feeding the animals, milking the cows, planting the crops, plowing with the mules, harvesting tobacco; and attending school, going to church, playing sports and family gatherings.

All of these activities helped me understand, when it is said; “everything has it's season”.  Plants sprout, and are nurtured and grow, and then they are harvested or wilt and die.  Animals are born, they are nurtured and grow, and they reproduce and provide for their master, or grow old and die.  People have the same season; they are born, grow in spirit and strength, reproduce and raise a family and then grow old and die.  “Everything has it's season”.

As I grew in years, I was inspired by my parent’s talents and beliefs.  My father had the ability to grow crops and animals, to help them mature and produce the best. My mother had the ability to teach others about life and spirit.  She enjoyed documenting these teachings through her writing and paintings.  My parents had an appreciation of the simple things in life that few people have today.

These inspirations led me to an interest in photography, photography being a medium of documentation.  The ability to capture and document the wonder of the birth of a plant or animal, the beautiful color of  a sunrise, the flowering of a plant, the flight of a bird, the strut of a turkey, the changing color of the leaves of a tree, the wisp of a cloud, the brilliance of a sunset.  All of these simple things have inspired my interest in landscape photography, nature photography and the desire to capture the simple things in life.

As I studied photography and attempted to improve my skills, I attended classes and workshops to better understand the new world of digital photography.  During one of these workshops Phyllis decided she would try her hand at photography.  Never having even held a SLR camera in her hand; she captured shots that made me say, “How did you get that shot”?  Phyllis has that innate ability to visualize a scene in her mind and then capture the scene in an image.  She has that unique gift that few photographers have; "to capture an image as she sees it in her mind."

Phyllis and I enjoy photography and hope that you will enjoy some of our work that we share with you at


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