About Phyllis

My pictures are simple and meaningful to me.

I had never taken a picture with a camera until I went with my husband to a photography workshop in Warm Springs, VA.

The instructor told me that I could tag along and take pictures, Mac gave me one of his cameras he had taken on the trip. I took some shots and on the way home that weekend I asked Mac what he liked about the workshop and he expressed to me that he thought I captured better pictures than he did.

I think I might have touched on a talent that I didn't know I had. My favorite two pictures are a moon flower and a weeping willow tree. The moonflower is very special to me since the moon flower picture was taken at my step son's home shortly after his girlfriend, Michelle, had passed away. I knew Michelle loved flowers and plants, when I went by his home I saw the moon flower in a special process. They bloom at night and close up in the daytime. This flower was so perfect I couldn't imagine folding it so perfect. When I took the shot it reminded me of a perfect state. It reminded me of a delicate flower that I had never seen, it reminded me of the afterlife.

I will always remember that shot in memory of Michelle.

The next shot I like is a weeping willow tree that I took near Prospect Hill, NC. I saw the tree and asked Mac to stop and I took a shot of that little willow tree. When I processed the picture in Photoshop I didn't even notice that there was an old tobacco barn in the background hiding from my thoughts. That made it especially nice since I have always loved weeping willow trees and that little barn was in the background. When I finished this print it was a hue of a brilliant orange.

My mother had passed away from pancreatic cancer and for some reason I will remember this little weeping tree in her memory.

My experiences are not to just snap a picture, but to create a feeling with the picture. When I do that, my pictures are a piece of art.

My favorite pictures are peek-a-boo shots. My interests are specifically local in nature. I feel when one masters what pictures are available close to the home and heart then you can improve your skills as a good photographer. Portraits of people and pictures of unpopular flowers and weeds are some of my interests. I am very interested in the different stages of the 4 major seasons--not spring, summer, fall and winter but the stages leading up to these great realities and pictures of nature.


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