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Gallery 1
Mountain Favorites
The Blue Ridge Mountains are one of our favorite places to visit and take photographs; each season provides new and different subjects. Each time we visit we find new adventures and friends.

Gallery 2
The oceans, rivers and ships hold a special fascination for me. I enjoy beautiful sunrises over the ocean, and the character of old fishing boats. During our travels I am always looking for that quaint little fishing village.

Gallery 3
Lighthouses & Buildings
My Grandfather was remembered as a church building preacher, during his ministry he was responsible for building seven Methodist churches. I guess the inspiration I receive from taking pictures of churches maybe comes from his heritage. I hope you will enjoy some of the pictures I will share with you.

Gallery 4
I enjoy the detail in flowers and insects; I have spent endless hours attempting to capture the ultimate shot. I hope you will enjoy some of the Orchids, Gladiolas, Roses and insects such as the Orange Spider and Dry Fly.

Gallery 5
Birds to me are a challenge to photograph. The expression that can be captured in their actions, the detail and color from their plumage require careful attention to detail. The satisfaction that I can derive from capturing a bird in flight, or the brilliant colors of a hummingbird are endless.

Gallery 6
Sunrises & Sunsets
Sunsets are one of my favorite subjects, each one is absolutely unique. I will always remember the love that my mother had for sunrises and sunsets and the joy that she could absorb from viewing them.

Gallery 7
Family & Ancestors
Genealogy and family history have been an interest of mine for many years. I have accumulated many family photographs and documents over time, it is my desire to share as many of these that I can on this site.

Gallery 8
Jackson Hole
Our trip to Jackson Hole, WY was one of most enjoyable and memorable trips that we have had the opportunity to enjoy. The photographic opportunities are endless. The photographs in this gallery are from the August, 2007 trip.

Gallery 8
Jo McDade Westbrook Original Watercolors
Jo McDade Westbrook Original Watercolors